Hello my name is Bess and I am the owner of A Sweet Retreat. I am so proud of this cute little cake/cupcake shop. I have been making cakes for about 16 years. I started with my oldest sons birthday cakes. I just fell in love with creating cakes and cupcakes. A Sweet Retreat started May 12, 2014 in Radcliff. It was my dream to own a cake shop for years before it actually happened. One day I drove by the Radcliff store front and thought I would just call and see how much the rent would be. I didn’t realize that phone call would change my life forever.

So several months of remodeling later we finally opened the Radcliff location. It was such a proud moment. From May 12th 2014 to now has been a wild ride. We opened the Elizabethtown location in February 2018 and it has been going great ever since.

I would not be were I am today with out the love and support of my beautiful family! My husband, kids, parents, siblings, and so many more wonderful people that have supported me. Sometimes working all night with me to make sure all the orders are ready for the next day. I have also been blessed with some pretty amazing team members that have helped me grow this store into what it is today. I also wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my amazing customers. All of you have been fabulous and so supportive. Thank you so much!!